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Steph. 23.

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LLBk - Audiotree Sessions thinger

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raabbiit u better watch this. 

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SO disappointed in that episode. The whole thing left such a bad taste in my mouth. And if Alex Graves thinks that’s consensual sex, I’d hate to see what qualifies as rape to him.


You are allowed to grieve the years you lost to mental illness. You’re allowed to be mad that it happened to you. You’re allowed to pine after the person you might have been had it been different. But don’t let that get in the way of your growing into your new self and following a wholly new path for your life.

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silas / teen wolf

St Vincent
Soho, New York
February 2014

I shall not leave these prisoning hills Though they topple their barren heads to level earth And the forests slide uprooted out of the sky. Though the waters of Troublesome, of Trace Fork, Of Sand Lick rise in a single body to glean the valleys, To drown lush pennyroyal, to unravel rail fences; Though the sun-ball breaks the ridges into dust And burns its strength into the blistered rock I cannot leave. I cannot go away.
Being of these hills, being one with the fox Stealing into the shadows, one with the new-born foal, The lumbering ox drawing green beech logs to mill, One with the destined feet of man climbing and descending, And one with death rising to bloom again, I cannot go. Being one of these hills I cannot pass beyond.
- James Still
To read more from Appalachian Poet James Still, check out The Wolfpen Poems or the novel, River of Earth.
To find out more about hills “toppl[ing] their barren heads to level earth” go to www.ilovemountains.org